webGet ready for Brandon Pride Week 2017:

June 12 – 18, 2017!

May 2017 updates!

HOLY CRAP WE BOOKED RAE SPOON! That is exciting for us; we sincerely hope that is exciting for you.

Image from raespoon.com


Amelia Reid and Margaret Yorke

Our march grand marshals this year, Amelia Reid and Margaret Yorke, were together for 44 years in 2015 when they decided to get married during Pride Month (so they’ll be celebrating 46 years together and 2 years of marriage this year). The picture above is Amelia and Margaret at the 2016 Brandon Pride March. Last December they shared their story during Brandon’s Human Rights day event. Pride is both a celebration of progress that has been made and a commitment to the work that is yet to be done. Amelia and Margaret have seen a lot of change and still recognize the work to go. They had waited to get married in the Anglican church, but even in 2015 their church which still was not recognizing same sex relationships and they decided they couldn’t wait any longer.
Both Amelia and Margaret love being active outdoors, so we’re very excited to have them lead us in a march through Brandon. We hope you are as well.

WE ALSO HAVE OUR 2017 SCHEDULE AVAILABLE. So click on this annoying long link.

Again, click on that link above for the whole week’s schedule with info, or just look at the summary (w/ pictures!) below.










12pm Lunch and Learn at SERC






Storytime at the Brandon Public Library






Movie Night at Evan's Theatre 7pm






Pride Art Gallery Opening at the AGSM 7:30pm






10pm Queeraoke at the Double Decker






7pm Board game night at Boardgame Empire











12pm Pride in the Park Stanley Park






10pm Pride Social at Roadhouse






2pm Steinbach Pride Q and A at SERC








April 2017 updates on what is happening!


Help us pick a Grand Marshal!!!

We are looking for suggestions for a Grand Marshal for our 2017 Pride Parade. Give us some suggestions using the form below

 Movie Screening Next Week!

Hey everyone,
We are collaborating with SERC Brandon and the world’s largest film festival to bring a super gay movie to Brandon. To be more specific, for National Canadian Film Day we are showing Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives at SERC (1700 Pacific Avenue, Brandon) on Wednesday, April 19th at 7pm.
It is totally free and there are even prizes. If you are into facebook, you should click here for the event posting.




March 2017 updates on what is happening!

Pride Week Plans

The Brandon Pride Committee has a Pride Week roughly planned out. As soon as we get details planned out we will release them. For a teaser though, here are some hints:
– We are bringing in a musical artist who would call the region “My Prairie Home”
– Speaking of hometown heroes, we are working on booking a drag performer for the social that would call Brandon home.
– Steinbach Pride was historic last year, wouldn’t it be nice to have a discussion with the main organizers?
We’ll leave it at that for now, but there are more educational and entertainment plans in the works for this June. Stay on the lookout for the official week line up right here.

If you would like to help out this year or have other ideas/comments, please sent them to BrandonMBPride@gmail.com.

To get an idea of how we have celebrated Pride week in the past check out Brandon Pride Week 2016.

Pride Scholarship

Hey, did you know that Brandon Pride awards a scholarship to youth in Brandon that are graduating or achieving their high school equivalent and planning on attending higher education?
Yeah, we do that every year.

Well, we have the requirements available for the 2017 scholarship, so if you are heading to higher education or know someone that will be this fall (and meets all the requirements) pass it along! Deadline is June 1st!

Download the scholarship info here